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Priyanka Pathak

Principal, Samaj Studio

Priyanka Pathak is a product designer, engineer, and global health specialist who focuses primarily on women’s health, both internationally and in under-resourced parts of the US. She has over a decade of experience designing products/programs and leading projects in 17 countries around the world. She is the founder and principal at Samaj Studio, a design firm for global health, and also teaches graduate students at the Arizona State University School of Design.

Priyanka has worked extensively with many major international organizations—including Dalberg Design, the World Bank, various UN agencies, and USAID—as well as small community organizations and private sector firms. She has also served as faculty at Parsons School of Design, the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, and TechChange, teaching courses on design, technology, and artificial intelligence for social impact. She holds a masters degree in global health informatics from Columbia University, bachelors degrees in information systems and business from the University of Texas at Austin, and certificates in artificial intelligence and public health.