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Gina Assaf

Managing Director, OBI Digital Solutions

Gina Assaf is a digital designer and researcher with 19+ years of experience working throughout the U.S, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, and brings a deep understanding of the various human-centered design and research methods for technology usage. She is the co-founder and managing director of OBI Digital, an organization that designs and builds digital solutions, including open source solutions for the global development sector. She previously operated in the private sector at fortune 500 technology companies and at tech startups, delivering innovative and widely used applications.

More recently, she worked with the World Bank, UN, and USAID, FCDO, and their implementers, designing solutions that provide access to information and digital services to project staff as well as to communities with varied levels of literacy and technology usage. She worked with the GitHub Social Impact team on their first research project exploring "Open Source Software in the Social Sector" and is now co-leading the research efforts on the second project the team will be presenting on.