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Rethinking the SDLC

Emily Freeman, Head of DevOps Product Marketing at AWS asks us to rethink the software development lifecycle which has been in use since the 1960s. The ecosystem in which we develop software is radically different. We work in systems that are distributed, decoupled, complex and can no longer be captured in an archaic model. It’s time to think different. It’s time for a revolution.

The Revolution model of the SDLC captures the multi-threaded, non-sequential nature of modern software development. It embodies the roles engineers take on and the considerations they encounter along the way. It builds on Agile and DevOps to capture the concerns of DevOps derivatives like DevSecOps and AIOps. And it, well, revolves to embrace the iterative nature of continuous innovation. This talk introduces this new model and discusses the need for how we talk about software to match the experience of development.