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Inside GitHub: How Copilot took flight

Paige Bailey is a Principal PM lead in Microsoft’s developer tools division, where she focuses on integrating machine learning into developer tooling, and building a great experience for data science on GitHub and in VS Code. Paige was previously product manager for machine learning frameworks at Google and DeepMind; a developer advocate for TensorFlow core at Google Brain; a senior software engineer and machine learning engineer in the office of the Microsoft Azure CTO; and a data scientist at Chevron.

Oege de Moor is the VP of GitHub Next, which explores the frontiers of software engineering. One of those frontiers is AI to assist developers, and Copilot is the first of our projects in this space. Before GitHub, Oege was the CEO and founder of Semmle, a software security company that was acquired by GitHub. GitHub Next brings him back to his research roots - he was a professor of computer science at Oxford for over 20 years before founding Semmle.