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Universe 23 was about AI, security, and the developer experience. about how to spark innovation, stay in the flow, optimize collaboration, and prevent vulnerabilities with AI-powered security.

A woman presenting at a tech conference with a backdrop reading 'Software is foundational to the human experience and connects us.
Attendees networking at a tech expo with various booths, including one for Docker, under a sign reading 'Universe23.
Two speakers on stage at a tech event, one gesturing enthusiastically, with a large display featuring the GitHub logo behind them.
Audience members at a tech conference, attentively watching a presentation, with some participants taking notes.
People mingling outside at a tech event near an arch with the words 'Today | Transform Tomorrow' and abstract digital designs.
Presenters at a tech workshop demonstrating code on a large screen to an audience seated closely around the stage area.
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Highlighted sessions

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Opening keynote

It’s a new age for GitHub. Join our CEO Thomas Dohmke and special guests for a stirring, high velocity keynote as we fundamentally redefine what it means to be a software development platform in the age of AI.

Preview of the session

GitHub Copilot: the AI pair programmer for today and tomorrow

While a lot of the talk around AI in 2023 has been about possibilities, the world’s adoption of GitHub Copilot has become a reality. Millions of developers and tens of thousands of organizations have chosen the AI developer tool to increase productivity. The reason? We think it boils down to impact. Join VPs of Product Management, Ryan J. Salva and Shuyin Zhao, and a variety of guest speakers, as they discuss the seismic shift in software development caused by GitHub Copilot, along with the latest developments in AI-assisted programming that will elevate the developer experience for years to come.

Preview of the session

Coding with an AI pair programmer: Getting started with GitHub Copilot

The explosion of programming languages and frameworks has ironically made development more difficult. Developers need to remember different syntax across different environments, and are finding that a large percentage of code they write is tedious. Acting as an AI pair programmer, GitHub Copilot can help a developer offload those tasks and instead focus on the bigger picture. Let’s explore how to get started with GitHub Copilot, its capabilities, and how to make the most out of the tool.

Universe 2024,
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October 29-30, 2024 - Fort Mason, San Francisco

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