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Dušan Milovanović

Lead Architect, World Health Organization

Dušan has 24 years of product management and systems engineering experience, including technology leadership career at Ericsson, then engagements within life science, healthcare and public health domains. In a mission to connect patient biomedical data for timely discovery of biological signatures of diseases, he acted as data architect and data scientist in the development of the Medical Informatics Platform in the scope of the Human Brain Project. In the World Health Organization he acts as a technology lead within the Epidemic Intelligence from Open Systems, a global public health intelligence community of practice, in the forefront of development a public health knowledge representation and reasoning for connecting all-hazards One Health information for early-detection and verification of public health threats, rapid risk assessment and evidence-based decision making in public health emergencies.

December 10, 2020 10:00:00 GMT-0800

Past, present, and future of technology and public health - How the World Health Organization uses technology for early detection, verification, and risk assessment of pandemics

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Dušan Milovanović

Lead Architect, World Health Organization

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