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Abhinay Khoparzi

Musician, Live Coder; Co-founder/Instigator, Algorave India

Abhinay Khoparzi is a creative technologist working across film, video, music and web practices. After a long relationship with the experimental electronic music scene in Mumbai, in 2018 Khoparzi started organising and curating computational arts events called “Algoraves” that turn programming live front of the audience into a performance art form. Khoparzi has performed live coded music and visuals with TidalCycles and Hydra at Fat Finger Mayhem (Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai, 2018 and 2019), Algorave Sheffield (UK, 2018), International Conference of Live Coding (Madrid, 2019), and Algorave Bangalore(2019), and a barrage of live streamed performances at live coding events all over the world including sharing the stage with Premiere livecoding artist Renick Bell. Abhinay now organises/conducts live coding workshops in collaboration with various maker spaces and artists collectives across India and has been pushing the Algorave scene in the country and the world.