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Frequently asked questions

You have questions, and we have (some) answers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, send us a note.


What is GitHub Universe?

GitHub Universe is our annual marquee product and community event featuring GitHub product experts, software leaders, and enterprise teams who are building the world’s most important technologies. It’s a chance for our global interconnected community to come together and share best practices, learn from each other, and hear about GitHub’s newest products and features.

Why is Universe virtual this year?

To keep our community safe during the global COVID-19 pandemic. From the very beginning, GitHub has been built on the power of asynchronous and remote collaboration, and we’re applying everything we’ve learned to make Universe an exciting and engaging virtual experience.

Who should attend GitHub Universe?

This year sessions are grouped into four channels based on interest/job function: Developer, Enterprise, Univers(ity) and Play.

  • Developer: geared towards open source contributors and maintainers running projects of all sizes, as well as developers looking to understand the latest software tools, techniques, and best practices.
  • Enterprise: tailored for senior leaders and decision-makers from global companies interested in transformation, security, scalability, and productivity.
  • Univers(ity): designed specifically for college students seeking the tools, techniques, and connections that will help expand their resumes and prepare them for their future.
  • Play: take a break, get inspired, or discover something new with entertaining performances, tutorials, and unexpected stories, all driven by code.

And Universe is flexible - you can focus on one channel, or decide to pick-and-choose sessions that are most interesting and relevant to you across the program. All talks will require basic software understanding, there will not be entry-level sessions.

How can I participate in Universe 2020?

Tune in starting on December 8 right here at and:

  • Watch GitHub CEO Nat Friedman’s opening keynote
  • Join breakout sessions in any of our four channels
  • Join the conversation and ask questions on GitHub Discussions
  • Download additional resources provided by speakers
  • Enjoy live creative coding performances and tutorials on the Play channel
  • Design your own Octocat
  • uy some cool Universe swag (and support great causes)
  • Network and connect at an Orbital event around Universe
  • Check out our sponsor demos

Why are there two broadcasts?

To support viewers across the globe, we’re offering two broadcasts. Broadcast 1 will start on December 8 at 17:00 GMT (09:00 PST) with generally convenient viewing times for North and South America, Europe, and West Africa. Broadcast 2 will start on December 9 at 04:00 GMT (09:30 IST) and be optimized for viewing in Asia Pacific.

Will both broadcasts be live?

Broadcast 1 will be primarily live and Broadcast 2 will be hosted by live regional hosts and local performers, but much of the session content will be a replay from Broadcast 1 earlier in the day.

Do I need to register in advance?

Registration is not be required to watch the livestream or on-demand sessions. We recommend favoriting and/or adding a calendar invite for the keynote and other sessions to make sure you don’t miss out on the live experience. The hands-on Workshops taking place the day before Universe cost $100 for two sessions, require advance registration, and space is limited.

What is the cost to attend Universe 2020?

All keynote and breakout sessions are free this year. Workshops require advance registration and cost $100 for two sessions.

How do I log on?

To watch any of the live streaming content, simply go, at the date and time of the broadcast. Comments and questions will take place on GitHub Discussions, which requires a (free) GitHub account. If you register for workshops, we will provide details about logging in and participating.

How will the sessions work?

Session will begin at their scheduled start times in the Developer, Enterprise, Play Channel or in the Univers(ity) portal. Keep the livestream running while you work, or build a personalized agenda by setting individual calendar reminders for the sessions that interest you most. While watching sessions, you’ll be able to join the conversation and ask questions live via GitHub Discussions.

What is GitHub Discussions?

GitHub Discussions is a product feature we rolled out at GitHub Satellite. It’s a tool developers are encouraged to use to improve their workflows—and we will be using it for community conversations throughout the event.

Discussions live in your project repository, so they’re accessible where your community is already working together. Their threaded format makes it easy to start, respond to, and organize unstructured conversations. Questions can be marked as answered, so over time a community’s knowledge base grows naturally. And because discussions aren’t closed the way issues are, they can easily serve as a place for maintaining FAQs and other collaborative documentation. We recognize that community discussion is as much a part of development as coding, so discussion contributions appear in users’ contribution graphs.

What if I miss a session or can’t attend a session

Every session will be recorded and made available for on demand viewing soon after it ends! Catch up by clicking on past session titles in the schedule once they’re uploaded.

Do you have Universe content specific for my octokittens (children)?

Yes! We created a short video for young children to learn how to create their own octocats using our octocat generator. While they get creative, hopefully you'll get a chance to watch our keynote at 9:15 am or another session that's piqued your interest!

After the conference wraps, you can join us for a 1:30 pm (PST) panel intended for young adults interested in software development. Check out the connect page on the event website for complete details of both offerings.

Were CDC guidelines followed for the Opening Keynote?

Yes. GitHub Universe 2020 is completely virtual, and all GitHub-produced content was made in accordance with CDC guidelines.

What are Universe Workshops?

Workshops are a virtual learning experience offered on December 11 to help developers get hands on with GitHub platform tools, GitHub Enterprise, and more.

What time are the Workshops?

Workshops run between 8:00 am PST / 1700 CET and 12:30 am PST / 21:30 CET on December 11. See the Workshops schedule

How can I register for a Workshop? How much does it cost to attend?

You can register for the December 11th events on our Workshops page. The Workshops come in bundles of two, and cost $100.

How many Workshops can I attend?

Due to the nature of live Workshops, you will be able to attend two (2) live Workshops.

Can I get a receipt for my registration?

Yes. To find your receipt:

  • Log in to your Eventbrite account
  • Click Tickets in the drop-down menu on your profile photo in the top-right corner
  • Click GitHub Universe Workshops 2020
  • Click Print Tickets to download and print your ticket confirmation

Can I cancel my Workshops registration and get a refund?

Yes. You can get a refund if you complete the request process on or before December 1st, 2020. To request a refund:

  • Log in to your Eventbrite account
  • Click Tickets in the drop-down menu on your profile photo in the top-right corner
  • Click GitHub Universe Workshops 2020
  • Click Request a Refund and complete the form

Do I need to download anything in advance for Workshop Day?

We’ll email you closer to the event with instructions on how to prepare.

Do I need a GitHub account for Workshops?

Yes. You’ll need a GitHub account (not your GitHub Enterprise username) to participate in some Workshops. If you don’t have one, we’d recommend creating an account before December 11. You can do this at

Where can I find recorded Workshop talks?

The complete list of Workshop recordings will be available on free of charge, on demand, on December 14.

How is GitHub Universe optimizing for accessibility?

We are taking all of the latest standards into consideration, both as we design the website and build out content. meets AAA standards. All speakers have been provided with guidelines for presentations, and decks will be posted online in advance whenever possible. While we won’t have language translation available for the event, please note live captioning will be provided for all GitHub Universe 2020 content. In addition, we are providing warnings for all content that may include high intensity flash or may be within a frequency range which may not be suitable for audiences with photosensitivity.

What are Orbital events?

Orbital events are opportunities to gather, network and learn in the days leading up to GitHub Universe. They are hosted by various GitHub teams and sponsors. All are free and open to anyone, but some require advance registration and space is limited. We’ll be adding more in the weeks leading up to the event so check back often.

What are you doing with the GitHub Shop proceeds?

All proceeds for GitHub Universe limited edition swag will be donated to Hack the Hood, The Talent Tap, and Instituto Da Oportunidade Social.

Does GitHub Universe have a Code of Conduct?

Yes. We recommend attendees take a few minutes to review the Code of Conduct. If you’ve got an urgent concern or question, reach out to us by email.

Does GitHub Universe have Event Terms?

Yes. We recommend attendees take a few minutes to review the Event Terms. If you’ve got an urgent concern or question, reach out to us by email.

How can I sponsor GitHub Universe?

Visit our prospectus to check out available opportunities. Contact us if you are ready to lock something down or if you have additional questions. We would love to share more about each sponsorship.

Does GitHub Universe have demo sponsors this year?

Yes! Sponsors will be showcasing their latest and greatest on our sponsorship page. Content will rotate in the weeks leading up to, and during, the event. Feel free to check back regularly and explore what our sponsors are working on.

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