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Dec 8, 2020 11:30:00 GMT-0800


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10-minute tutorials: getting started with creative coding in just a few minutes

This session is made up of six lightning talks designed to get you started with creative coding.

1. Getting started with Shaders with Harry Alisavakis.

Here you’ll get a short introduction to shaders by going through some of their most basic concepts and by creating a simple visual loop in GLSL and Shadertoy.

2. Exploring kinetic typography with Three.js with Mario Carrillo

A demonstration of how to use Three.js to create kinetic typography effects along 3D shapes.

3. 10-minute Twitterbot with Kate Compton.

Making a bot takes a PhD in computer science and a week of machine learning training, right? Nope! Join Kate as she shows you how to build quick yet interesting Twitter chatbots with Tracery, a generative text tool designed for non-coders, poets, and artists.

4. Abstract sketches with P5.js with ilithya.

Get started with P5.js while making a minimalistic abstract sketch using bits of generative art, plus tips on how to make your sketch interactive with a computer mouse or mobile tap.

5. Introduction to web audio with Ruth John.

Shall we talk about web audio? Annoying background sound, auto playing videos... but wait! What about games, apps, XR, web assembly giving us the power to compile a whole new world in this environment? In this introductory session, Ruth will walk through the concepts behind web audio and show an example of how to start using it.

6. modV: visualizing audio with the web with Sam Wray.

ModV is a free, open source visual performance tool that allows you to mix media, shaders, and JavaScript to create super-reactive visuals for audio/visual performances. Explore modV's most useful features in this 10 minute primer.

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